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4 Leaf Raking Tips to Protect Your Spine

Raking leaves is an activity that can cause back and neck pain. These 4 tips from a chiropractic doctor can help you protect your spine.

Smart Garment Technology Aims to Prevent Back Pain

Researchers at Vanderbilt University in Nashville have created a smart garment that could help prevent back pain.

5 Yoga Video Poses for Body and Mind During the Solar Eclipse

During the solar eclipse, these 5 yoga poses can help you revitalize and replenish your body and mind.

Backpack Safety Tips for Back and Neck Health

Expert provides 6 backpack safety tips to help you prevent back and neck pain, plus advice about packing your backpack.

Has the Affordable Care Act Improved Health in the United States?

The debate over the Affordable Care Act raises the question of whether increasing access to health insurance in the US leads to better health.

5 Tips to Reduce Back Pain and Stress during the Holiday Season

This year, plan ahead so you can get your holiday chores done with a minimum of pain. Here are 5 tips for making these next few weeks more enjoyable and comfortable.

Spine-Safe Summer Travel

Best tips to keep your back and neck healthy throughout the entire summer travel season.

Summer Safety Tips for Your Neck and Back Health

Important tips about how to stay safe and healthy—prevent the risks for spine injuries—while being active this summer.

Why Back Pain is Uncommon Among Indigenous People

Esther Gokhale learned she had a herniated disc and underwent surgical treatment. A year later it happened again and her doctor recommended a second surgery. That’s when she became inspired to search for a better answer to her back pain problem.