5 Yoga Video Poses for Body and Mind During the Solar Eclipse

Video yoga instruction with pictures and guidance to help you revive and renew your mind and body any day of the year!

Yoga can help enliven you physically and mentally by helping to boost your energy and maintain your equilibrium. The 5 yoga poses featured in this article can help you revitalize and replenish your body and mind Monday, August 21st during the solar eclipse in North America. Depending on your location in the United States, you may observe a total solar eclipse when the moon completely blocks the sun. In other areas, a partial eclipse will be visible.

Yoga Pose #1. Dolphin
This posture strengthens the spine, shoulders and arms while developing and restoring balance and inner harmony.

dolphin, yoga pose

While on your knees, with your hands on the floor in front of your body, place your forearms on the floor and interlace your fingers to create a triangle. Lift your hips up, keeping your spine and legs straight. Keep your body weight on your forearms and in your abdominals. Breathe normally and move your upper body forward a few inches and hold for a few breaths. To release out of the pose, bring your knees down to the floor.

Yoga Pose #2. Boat
This pose can refresh and energize your body. It helps revitalize your nervous system and eliminate nervous tension.

boat, yoga pose

Sit with both your legs extended out in front of your body. Lift both legs up, and keeping them straight or bent at the knees. Extend your arms to the side of your legs, or place your hands on the floor to support your spine. Breathe normally. Release the pose by bringing your legs back to floor.

Yoga Pose #3. Camel
The Camel pose may help relieve back pain. It can release tension from the spine, and is uplifting and invigorating.

camel, yoga pose

Position your body upright while on your knees. Keep your knees slightly open. Place your hands on your lower back and start by dropping your head back. While breathing normally, lean back and grab your ankles. Return to the starting position by slowly bringing your hands back to your hips and lifting your head up.

Yoga Pose #4. Spine Twist
This posture helps to rejuvenate your body systems by stimulating your central nervous system. Spine twist helps increase vitality and improve digestion.

spine twist or spine pose, yoga

Extend both your legs out in front of your body and bend your right knee.

Place your right hand at base of your spine. Grab your right knee or ankle with your left arm. Breathe normally while keeping your spine straight and look over your right shoulder.

Repeat on your opposite side.

Place your left hand at the base of your spine. Grab your left knee or ankle with your right arm. Breathe normally while keeping your spine straight and look over your left shoulder.

Release by turning your head forward and relaxing your arms and legs.

Caution: The spine twist pose may involve simultaneous bending and twisting movement that is not recommended for everyone with a back or neck problem. Please talk with your doctor before including the spine twist pose or other yoga movement that blends bending and twisting movements.

Yoga Pose #5. Bastrika
This breathing exercise is anti-inflammatory. It helps oxygenate your body, while cleansing and detoxifying it.

bastrika yoga pose, beginning posture

To perform this breathing exercise, sit comfortably with your spine straight. Make loose fists with your hands, bend your arms while keeping them close to your body, and bring your fists to shoulder level. While inhaling through your nose (diaphragm descends, abdomen moves outward, expanding the abdominals), lift your arms up and open your fingers, while exhaling forcefully through your nose (diaphragm moves upward, abdomen moves inward, contracting the abdominals). Close your hands into fists and bring your arms back to the starting position.

bastrika yoga pose, second posture


Updated on: 09/12/19
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