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Fiber: The Good Carbohydrate

The average American eats about one-third of the daily recommended amount of fiber. Fiber works to help prevent certain chronic diseases and can help lower cholesterol. Learn how to increase your fiber intake in this article.

Dining Out: Making Better Choices

It can be very difficult to eat right when dining out. Here are some great ways to avoid overeating when at a restaurant.

Guiltless Sweets

If you feel guilty eating sweets, here is a better way to approach your cravings for them.

Recipes: Guiltless Sweets

Recipes for three guiltless sweets: bran muffins, oatmeal applesauce cookies, and sugar free apple crisp.

Recipes for Kids and Busy Lifestyles

Three quick and healthy recipes for people with busy lifestyles.

Recipes: Grease Free Cooking

Four grease-free cooking recipes with all the flavor of fried foods but not all the fat.

Tips to Maintain a Healthy Diet

Searching for easy tips to healthy eating? Here are some tips on maintaining a healthy diet.

Cooking for Kids

Here are some tips for getting your kids to eat healthier foods and reduce fat, sugar and salt intake.

Putting on Pounds is a Pain in the Back!

How to survive "couch potato" recuperation time without tipping the scale.

Recipes: Meatless Meals

Three delicious recipes for meatless meals.

Recipes: Reducing Sodium (Less Salt)

Three delicious recipes for reducing your sodium intake.

Eating to Lose Weight

It is important to eat to lose weight. You need to eat to maintain muscle, which will in turn burn fat.

Recipes for Life: Taste Without Salt

Did you know the average American consumes over 15 pounds of salt per year? Interested in cutting down on salt ? Here's how!

Supplements: Chromium

Included in this article is a list of some of the health problems associated with low chromium levels.

Supplements: Flax Seed Oil

Included in this article is a partial list of illnesses that may be prevented or treated with flaxseed oil.