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What domestic dangers pose a risk to your spine health?

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Whether you’re recovering from a back or neck injury, or want to keep your house safe as you age, adjusting your home to fit your lifestyle can be daunting.

Homes are full of hidden hazards that can cause you to trip or strain your back—and those injuries could ultimately cause spinal fractures and other problems that threaten your mobility and independence.

Home is where we feel safest, but it doesn’t always keep us safe. Click through for simple tips (no major home renovations needed) to make your home a safe haven—not a house of horrors—for your long-term mobility.

Helpful Tip: Considering the services of a home health inspector who can visit your residence and spot check your home for potential dangers. The inspector may recommend fixtures (eg, grab bars in bath area) to help keep you safe. Check with your insurance provider, who may pay for certain types of medically necessary fixtures.

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