No More Excuses

Woman pushing a cart full of healthy foods at the supermarketSuccess in any endeavor--including health and fitness--begins with the desire to attain something. If the desire is defined and strong enough, it will lead you to act. If you act properly and consistently, you will succeed.


If it were that simple, then all of us would be living the lives we desire. If we have a realistic, specific and measurable goal, what really keeps us from reaching it? The break in the link usually occurs between desire and action. What prevents us from acting properly and consistently?? I'll wager you already know. It's excuses. Things we have labeled obstacles, roadblocks--things out of our control.


"If I just had more time, I would be exercising regularly". "I tried to eat low-fat today but my spouse brought home pizza". "Every time I plan to exercise/eat healthy, something always comes up!" We know what we need to do but aren't doing it. Typically we blame outside factors. We truly believe that something out of our control is preventing us from reaching our goals. Someone or something is responsible for our situation.

Become Proactive
Proactivity is a popular buzzword in management speak. It means more than merely taking initiative. It means that we have responsibility (response-ability) for our own lives. Highly proactive people do not blame circumstances, conditions, or conditioning for their behavior. Their behavior is a a product of their own conscious choice. If we empower conditions and conditioning to control us, then we become reactive.

Our language reveals whether we see ourselves as proactive or reactive. "I just don't have the time" Something outside me--limited time--is controlling me. "I can't resist pizza". My willpower is governed by something outside my control. The reactive person uses the phrases "I can't, I must, if only". The proactive person says "I choose, I prefer, I will". Once you realize the power you really have, overcoming obstacles will be easier. After a few successes, your confidence will grow and it will be even easier to commit to your health and fitness goals. Just remember that in any area of life you have either excuses or experiences, reasons or results. You either have what you want or you have airtight reasons why it was not possible to achieve it. Just remember "No More Excuses"!

Updated on: 03/31/16
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