Back Pain and Sports

At any one time, about one-fifth of the adult population of the United States is affected by back pain. It occurs at one time or another in 60-80% of the adult population. It is second only to the common cold as a reason for sick leave, and low back pain causes workers to miss an estimated 93 million work days per year!

Sports EquipmentBack pain accounts for approximately 7% of injuries in sports. Certain factors predispose the athlete to back injuries and acute back pain. In children and adolescents, a growth spurt may lead to a muscle tendon imbalance with tight hamstring muscles, tight low back muscles, and weak abdominal muscles. Secondly, abrupt increase in training intensity or frequency may result in back strain and pain. Leg length discrepancy can lead to low back strains. Improper weight training or sporting activities technically can increase the load on one's back and may cause pain.

I suggest that the "weekend warrior" increase his abdominal and low back strength while decreasing his waist size. This will help prevent back pain and injury.

Updated on: 08/25/15
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