5 Simple Yoga Poses for Back Pain

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Lengthens and Strengthens Your Spine

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Triangle pose stretches the sides of the body and helps lengthen back muscles.

  • Start with your feet 4 feet apart. Angle left foot to 90 degrees and right foot to 15 degrees. Imagine drawing a line between the heel of the left foot and inner arch of the right foot.
  • Inhale arms out to sides, and as you exhale, bring left arm to the ground or your shin. The right arm shoots straight up.
  • To come up, let your legs be strong as you inhale your upper body up. Bring your feet together. Do triangle once daily.

Caution: The triangle pose involves simultaneous bending and twisting movement that is not recommended for everyone with a back or neck problem. Please talk with your doctor before including the triangle pose or other yoga movements that blend bending and twisting movements.

Photo Source: 123RF.com.