Recurrent Injuries

Employer Issues: Recurrent Back Injuries and Workers Compensation

Workplace Prevention Programs Via Internet

Are you an employer facing reports of an unacceptable number of employee back injuries occurring while on the job? If so, you have plenty of company.
Male worker suffering With back painInstead of sitting back and letting the problem control you, why not consider taking the initiate in providing health maintenance at your workplace. Here are a few suggestions from the staff at

1. Provide your employees with a free three-month membership to a local gym with the renewal based on a contractual arrangement between the employer and employee.

2. Offer a back school program for employees whose jobs require repetitive lifting. As a matter of fact, back school, which teaches the use of proper body mechanics during many physical activities, could be of benefit to any employee.

Additionally, the role of health maintenance at home is directly related to functional capacity in the workplace. Proactive programs must become regular at the workplace if repetitive injury rates are to decrease.

The staff at SpineUniverse is ready to assist you with programs that can be accessed directly through Internet linkage. This mode of communication is extremely cost efficient for bottom-line oriented companies because it requires little in the way of costly on-site consultants.

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Updated on: 09/19/17
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