Ergonomics: Preferred Work Zone

Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders: Guidelines for Retail Grocery Stores

Best and Preferred Work Zone

Performing work within the best and preferred work zones shown below facilitates productivity and comfort. Work is safest when lifting and reaching is performed in these zones. Working outside these work zones results in non-neutral postures that may increase the risk of injury. It is particularly important to perform heavy lifting tasks within the best work zone.

Best Work Zone

• As far forward as your wrist when you hold your arm slightly bent
• As wide as the shoulders
• Upper level at about heart height
• Lower level at about waist height

Preferred Work Zone

• As far forward as your hand when you hold your arm out straight
• A foot on either side of the shoulders
• Upper level at shoulder height
• Lower level at tip of fingers with hands held at the side

work zone

work zone side view

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Updated on: 12/10/09
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