Ergonomics: Housekeeping, Kitchen Work, and Hand Tools

Ergonomics: Guidelines for Nursing Homes

The following are examples of possible ergonomic solutions in nursing homes where working with liquids is involved.

Working with Liquids in Houskeeping

fill and empty containers

Description: Filling and emptying liquids from containers

When to Use: In housekeeping areas when filling and emptying buckets with floor drain arrangements.

Points To Remember: Reduces risk of spills, slips, speeds process, and reduces waste. The faucet and floor drain is used in housekeeping. Ensure that casters don't get stuck in floor grate. Use hose to fill bucket. Use buckets with casters to move mop bucket around. Ensure casters are maintained and roll easily.

Working with Liquids in Kitchens

liquids in kitchens

Description: Filling and emptying liquids from containers

When to Use: In dietary when pouring soups or other liquid foods that are heavy.

Points To Remember: Reduces risk of spills and burns, speeds process, and reduces waste. Use an elevated faucet or hose to fill large pots. Avoid lifting heavy pots filled with liquids. Use ladle to empty liquids, soups, etc. from pots. Small sauce pans can also be used to dip liquids from pots. If the worker stands for more than 2 hours per day, shock-absorbing floors or insoles will minimize back and leg strain. With hot liquids, ensure a splash guard is included.

Hand Tools

hand tools

Description: Select and use properly designed tools

When to Use: When selecting frequently used tools for the kitchen, housekeeping, laundry and maintenance areas.

Points To Remember: Enhances tool safety, speeds process, and reduces waste. Handles should fit the grip size of the user. Use bent-handled tools to avoid bending wrists. Use appropriate tool weight. Select tools that have minimal vibration or vibration damping devices. Implement a regular maintenance program for tools to keep blades sharp and edges and handles intact. Always wear the appropriate personal protective equipment.

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Updated on: 09/07/12
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