Ergonomics: Grocery Store Bakery

Ergonomics for the Prevention of Musculoskeletal Disorders: Guidelines for Retail Grocery Stores


Applying good ergonomics can help prevent injury in the bakery department.

• Position cake-decorating turntables so that the cake is at about elbow height for a more comfortable working position. Adjustable height tables are one solution, but you can also put a riser under the turntable, use turntables with different heights, or put in platforms for shorter people to stand on.

icing cake

• Use small decorating bags whenever possible to reduce the stress on the worker's hands. The larger the bag, the more force required to squeeze it.

small bag

• Have an adequate number of mixing bowls available to reduce the need to transfer icing or batters that are mixed in the store to other containers.

• Use footrests and anti-fatigue mats in areas where workers stand for prolonged periods.

• Make sure that there is toe-clearance under counters and other work surfaces.

• Put buckets of icing and batter on risers (e.g., small stands or empty buckets) to raise them to the best work zone.

bakery cart

These recommendations are based on information from grocery stores. OSHA recognizes that other bakery operations may be different and that other solutions may be more appropriate for those operations.

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Updated on: 12/10/09
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Ergonomics: Bakery Department Tips
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Ergonomics: Bakery Department Tips

Bakery tasks can be made more ergonomically friendly by positioning the work at the right height.
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