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The Back-safe Guide to Kettlebells

Kettlebells: These portable powerhouses might be just what you need to strengthen your back muscles and help prevent back pain.

Can You KT Tape Your Back Pain Away?

That weird tape you always see on Olympians is called KT tape or kinesiology tape, and here’s how to use it on your back.

How to Train for a Race or Triathlon with Back Pain

Find out how to avoid back pain and even when to call it quits when you’re training for a race or triathlon.

Find the Best Back Pain App for You

Studies suggest using a back pain app can enhance your recovery when combined with exercise and other conservative treatments. Here’s what’s available in your favorite apps store.

Choosing the Best Pillow for Neck Pain and Back Pain

Choosing the wrong pillow is a recipe for neck and back pain. Here’s what you need to know about picking the best pillow for your neck and back.

Back Pain Is the Most Common Golfing Injury: Here’s What to Do About It

Is golf bad for your back? Not as much as you’d think, with the help of these tips from a neurosurgeon.

Tips for Camping When You Have Back Pain

If you love to camp but have back pain, a camping trip might inspire equal parts excitement and dread. But following our expert’s tips will get you back to nature in no time.

The Best Exercises for a Pinched Nerve in the Neck or Lower Back

Speed up your recovery from a pinched nerve in the neck or lower back with these exercises, say our physician experts.

Fight Back Pain and Inflammation with Tea: 5 Tips

Steep your way to less back pain with this ancient, inflammation-busting drink loved the world over.

5 Tennis Tips (For When You Have Back Pain)

For many, regular tennis matches don’t have to end “love all” because of back discomfort.

5 Summer Activities That Bring on Back Pain

Summertime is full of simple pleasures, and back pain shouldn’t keep you from enjoying them.

What Are the Best Summer Activities if You Have Back Pain?

Which of your favorite summer pastimes are easiest on your back? Find out here.

Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery Gave This Athlete Her Life Back

An endoscopic discectomy freed Bridget Simon-Friedt from severe sciatica pain.

How to Fix Anterior Pelvic Tilt

Addressing anterior pelvic tilt (APT), a common form of poor posture, can lead to less back pain.

How to Avoid Height Loss as You Age

Height loss can happen as you age due to osteoporosis of the spine and other spine conditions. Find out how to prevent loss of height.

5 Habits in 20s Your Back Will Regret Later

Avoid these bad habits when you're young to avoid back pain as you get older.

Here’s What It Means When You Throw Out Your Back

You’ve heard of and probably experienced throwing out your back, but what does that really mean? Find out from our experts.

Tips and Tricks for Parenting with Back Pain

Parenting isn’t easy, and it can be especially taxing when you have acute or chronic back pain. Try these strategies for less pain and more quality time with children of any age.

What Are the Best Cardio Machines for Back Pain?

Whether you’re at home or at the gym, a cardio machine can be a great form of treatment for most sore backs.

Exercise Ball or Desk Chair: Which is Better for Back Pain?

Could using an exercise ball or yoga ball instead of a chair help back pain from too much sitting? Research says probably not. Here’s why.

Don’t Let Back Pain Ruin Your Sex Life

Even sex can be rough (and not in a good way) when you have back pain, but we'll show you how to reclaim your sex life.

Use a Foam Roller to Bust Back Pain

A foam roller can be a powerful ally in the battle against back pain. Here's how to use it.

The Best Ergonomic Garden Tools For Your Back

Gardening provides a great deal of mental and physical benefits, but can also cause or worsen back pain. These tools are designed to help.

Handling Housework when You Have a Bad Back

When you have back pain, housework can go from irritating to agonizing. Here are some tips to keep your house tidy without the pain.

How to Support a Partner with Back Pain

If your partner or spouse has chronic back pain, they need you. Here’s how to help.

Is Cracking Your Back All It’s Cracked Up To Be?

Cracking your back: We all do it, but should we? Our experts tell you what’s making that sound and how to do it safely.

Seasonal Allergies and Back Pain: Is There a Connection?

As if allergies couldn’t be more miserable, do you have to worry about back pain too? Hear from our expert.

8 Surprising Ways Belly Fat Can Cause Back Pain

Belly fat is a multi-pronged threat to your back and spine health. Here are 7 reasons why.

Sleep Apnea and Back Pain: What's the Connection?

Sleep apnea and back pain are more closely related than you might think. Learn how to break the vicious cycle.

Machines vs. Free Weights: What’s Best for Back Pain?

Stay active when you have back pain. Find out if machines or free weights are better for back pain…and why.

4 Areas of Focus That Will Save Your Neck While Working

Coronavirus neck pain didn’t exist before 2020, but now it seems it’s unavoidable. It’s not, though; here’s how to avoid it and save your neck--and the rest of your body--while working from home or the office.

The Best Office Chairs for Back Pain

In the market for a new office chair that’ll ease your aching back? Check out our choices for the best office chairs for back pain.

4 Tips to Age-Proof Your Back

Back pain is a common part of aging, but you don't have to let it slow you down. Try these 4 tips for a healthy, age-defying spine that doesn't hold you back.

Expert Tips for Avoiding Back Injury at Work

It’s not just high-impact labor jobs that cause back pain. Do you sit all day and use a computer? You’re at risk too. See our expert tips for avoiding back injury at work.

Set Up Your Bed to Avoid Back Pain From Sleeping

Sleep loss can be a major cause of back pain. Here's how to set up your bed to keep your back safe.

Is Vitamin D a Wonder Pill for Back Pain?

Vitamin D can help seasonal depression and may even help prevent COVID-19. Can it keep back pain away too?

5 Mental Strategies to Improve Your Back Pain

Your back pain can be both very real and in your head at the same time. Here are five ways to approach the mental aspect of your back pain to get real-world results.

5 Ways Your Home Can Help Relieve Back Pain

From the kitchen to your home office, the design of your spaces can effectively reduce back pain. Here are five ways your home can help your back.

6 of the Easiest Exercises on Your Back

When you have lower back pain, you might want to retreat to bed, but that’s one of the worst things you can do. Instead, try these gentle forms of exercise.

Strengthen This Core Muscle to Help Your Back Pain

The transverse abdominus isn’t a sexy six-pack muscle, but this integral part of your core can help stabilize your spine and reduce or avoid back pain. Here are four ways to strengthen it.

25 Tips for Relieving Holiday Back Pain

Don’t let back pain dampen your holiday spirit. Check out our expert’s tips to make this holiday season the most wonderful time of the year.

10 Back Pain-Relieving Products for Your Holiday Wish List

These are the products back pain experts wish you’d add to your holiday list.

6 Spine-Healthy Habits Remote Workers and Students Should Build

Remote work or school might save you some time and aggravation (no more fighting traffic, hooray!), but if you’re not careful you could be setting yourself up for back pain. Our expert has six tips for a spine-friendly WFH experience.

The 3 Most Dangerous Pitfalls of Winter Sports and How to Avoid Them

The temperature’s dropping and Christmas is around the corner. It’s winter, and that means winter sports. Keep your spine safe on the slopes with our expert’s tips.

Could This Ridiculously Stressful Year Be Causing Your Back Pain?

2020: A global pandemic, a critical election, the brink of war and much more have combined to cause untold amounts of stress, which could be contributing to your back pain. Find out how.

4 Ways Smoking Wrecks Your Back

Smoking is well-known to negatively impact one’s health, but did you know it can cause back pain, too? Here’s how.

Relieve Your Back Pain by Staying Hydrated

Do you drink enough water? Ask your back. If you experience frequent back pain, upping your H2O might help. Here’s why.

What to Do in Group Fitness Classes (When You Have Chronic Back Pain)

Don’t let back pain keep you out of the gym or studio—virtual or otherwise. Here’s our top tips to for group fitness classes when your back always hurts.

Belly Dance Your Back Pain Away

Belly dance can be an effective if unconventional way to help your lower back pain, while getting some exercise and improving your posture. Plus, it’s fun! Read on.

Back Pain from Driving: 9 Tips to Help Your Back on a Road Trip

Back pain from driving can be a real problem on road trips. Follow our tips to save your back when you’re travelling.