All About Back Pain Treatments

Ginseng: American, Asian, Siberian

Each ginseng type may help alleviate stress (physical, mental, environmental), fatigue (increases endurance, stamina), poor mental performance (eg, concentration), symptoms associated with menopause, and may protect against colds.


Goldenseal may cleanse the body, counter infection, and strengthen the immune system. It may help to relieve cold/flu symptoms (sore throat, earaches),and improve digestion.

Ginkgo Biloba

Ginkgo biloba is often referred to as GBE (Ginkgo Biloba Extract). Although ginkgo biloba is a tree, the leaves are used to make standardized GBE preparations.


In herbal preparations ginger is used to cleanse the colon (bowel disorders), stimulate circulation, and to reduce the symptoms of motion, morning, and seasickness.


Garlic is used to treat a wide variety of diseases and infections. This herb may enhance immune function (protects against infection), detoxify the body, lower blood pressure and blood lipid levels, and improve circulation.


Feverfew has a wide variety of uses. For starters, it is an herbal remedy that can help alleviate migraine.

Evening Primrose

The seeds of this plant contain two essential fatty acids: gamma-linolenic acid (GLA) and linoleic acid (LA). Both GLA and LA may help reduce pain and inflammation.


Herbal preparations may help clear chest congestion, kill bacteria, increase blood flow, reduce swelling, and ease tired sore muscles.


The herb contains copper, enzymes, fatty acids, glucose, potassium, protein, resin, sulfur, tannins, and vitamins A, C, and E.

Coflex Device Shows ‘Similar to Superior’ Rates Compared to Fusion Surgery for Lumbar Stenosis

For moderate to severe lumbar stenosis, use of a motion-preserving stabilization device appears to be as effective as fusion when used in combination with decompression.

SI Joint Fusion is Highly Successful in Most People Who Respond to an SI Joint Block

Sacroiliac (SI) joint fusion using the iFuse Implant System is highly successful in people with SI joint dysfunction who have a physical exam pointing to the SI joint and experience pain relief during a diagnostic SI joint block (injection of a numbing agent into the SI joint).

Transforaminal Selective Endoscopic Discectomy: Extremely Minimally Invasive Surgical Treatment for Low Back and Leg Pain

Selective Endoscopic Discectomy (SED) is an alternate treatment procedure for some chronic pain patients.

Basic Introduction to Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery

Learn all about the recently popularized approaches to spine surgery known as thoracoscopic,laparoscopic,endoscopic and minimally invasive procedures.

Vertebroplasty Reduces Pain Following Spine Fractures

Spine fractures are common and disabling in people with osteoporosis. Learn about what new findings suggest about a procedure called vertebroplasty.

Adult Stem Cells and Induced Pluripotent Stem Cells

The question what are adult stem cells and pluripotent stem cells is answered along with information about where these cells come from.

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