Before Your Surgery

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There are several things you must do to prepare for your surgery. It is often recommended that the patient donate all or part of the blood required for surgery. If the patient is unable to donate all the blood needed, he/she can obtain donors that have a compatible blood type. This highly reduces the chances of contracting AIDS and/or hepatitis. The doctor or his/her nurse will discuss this with you further.
Items on a bathtub within easy reachDuring the time prior to your admission, you can also be getting your home “ready”. No bending, stooping or heavy lifting is permitted during your recovery period. It is advisable to place frequently used objects at an easily obtainable height. For example, have dishes most often used in upper cabinets. You may want to “stock-up” on prepared meals such as frozen entrees and TV dinners. Make arrangements for someone to help with house cleaning, laundry and groceries prior to admission.

If you are to be braced post-operatively, you will need tee shirts to wear under your brace. The tee shirt must cover the buttocks. These tee shirts help absorb some of the body's perspiration and prevent skin breakdown. Men's boxer shorts are helpful if you're to wear a brace with a thigh cuff. Brace application does require the help of another person. You may receive a second brace for showering.

Before your operation, it will be necessary to have blood tests, a chest x-ray and an EKG performed to evaluate your general condition before undergoing anesthesia. Sometimes a pulmonary evaluation is required. Adults may need to have a medical evaluation by an internist.

Updated on: 04/13/17
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