Spinal Injections Animation

Spinal injections are a pain management treatment that may help reduce or relieve your back or neck pain. There are several types of injections, and this short animation will give you details on some different spinal injections.

For more detailed information about injection therapy, visit Spinal Injection and Nerve Block Therapies for Back Pain page. This resource features links to articles on specific types of spinal injections.

What Is a Spinal Injection?

A spinal injection involves a doctor injecting one or more anti-inflammatory and/or pain-relieving medications into the spine. This is a sterile procedure performed using x-ray guidance to enable the doctor to direct needle placement into the painful level of the spine (eg, cervical, neck).
Spinal injection with fluroroscopic guidance Spinal injections are sterile procedures performed using fluoroscopic guidance. Photo Source: 123RF.com.For example, say that you have spinal stenosis in your lower back. Your doctor determines that it is at a specific level: in between the second and third lumbar vertebrae (in doctor-speak, that would be L2-L3). He may suggest you have an epidural steroid injection at L2-L3. During the procedure, the doctor injects strong medication (eg, corticosteroid) into that spinal level, which may help reduce inflammation and pain.

Types of doctors who perform spinal injections include physiatrists (physical medicine and rehabilitation) and pain medicine specialists.

Diagnostic Spinal Injections

A value to spinal injections is while the treatment may provide short- or long-term pain relief, or no relief at all, the results offer diagnostic information. An injection can help your doctor pinpoint the pain-generator.

Why Are Spinal Injections Prescribed?

Keep in mind, that a spinal injection may be one part of your treatment plan. While one therapy, such as a Selective Transforaminal Epidural Steroid Injection may provide great relief from lower back pain, it means your benefit from the active exercise component of your physical therapy program can help you regain endurance, strength and flexibility more quickly. That affords you an opportunity to resume your regular activities of daily living that were hampered due to back pain.

Updated on: 02/13/19
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