Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery (MISS)

Surgical LampsIn the 1990's there has been a dramatic advance in improved clinical outcomes from back surgery. Minimally invasive techniques are beginning to replace traditional procedures with significant improvements in patient recovery and overall success.

Success has resulted from using small incisions to perform the surgical procedure. This has been accomplished using the arthroscope, which is a long, hollow tube that contains a camera, fiber optic lens and a light source. The surgeon sees the operative site through one small incision (1/2") and operates via two or more other smaller incisions through hollow tubes called portals. Just as arthroscopic surgery has revolutionized knee treatment, new approaches pioneered by Dr. Regan are accomplishing similar goals in the treatment of spinal disorders. Dr. Regan was the first spine surgeon in the nation to pioneer a surgical technique called Video-Assisted Thoracic Spine Surgery (VATS).

Updated on: 10/26/15
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Spine Surgery Overview
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Spine Surgery Overview

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