Herbal Remedies: Jamaican Dogwood

Latin Name: Piscidia erythrina

Uses: Insomnia, Pain

Dogwood FlowersDescription: Jamaican dogwood is used as a sedative and anodyne for insomnia caused by pain or nervous tension. It is especially useful for the elderly. It is also reported effective for neuralgia, cramping pain during menstruation, sciatica, earache, migraine, and is a specific for toothache. The herb is sometimes recommended for relieving pain and discomfort of whooping cough, combined with other herbs.

Part Used: Bark

Preparation/Dosage: 20 dr to 2 drpfl (Tincture)

Organs/Systems Affected: Nervous

Caution: For larger doses than 1 dropperful, it is best to consult an herbalist or qualified health care practitioner.

Source: C. Hobbs' Herbal Advisor.


Do not take Jamaican Dogwood if any of the following conditions applies to you:
Nothing on record.  
Side Effects
Nothing on record.
Drug Interactions
Do not take Jamaican Dogwood with any of the following medication:
Nothing on record.


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Updated on: 03/22/16
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