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Celery seed comes from the same plant as celery (ie, celery stalk). The tiny seeds are tan/brown in color. Celery contains boron, calcium, iron, zinc, and Vitamins A, B-complex, and C.
 Celery seeds in a glass bowlThese seeds are used to treat high blood pressure, nervousness and anxiety, muscle spasms, and to stimulate appetite. Other chemicals in the seeds may act as a diuretic, liver tonic (antioxidant properties), anti-inflammatory, and pain reliever.

Sources of Celery Seed
Celery seed is available in the following forms: fresh or dried seeds, tablets, encapsulated oil or extract. To make tea, pour boiling water over crushed seeds.

Guidelines and Cautions
Purchase celery seeds from a reliable health food store. Do not consume seeds sold for planting (may be chemically treated). Follow package directions for use.

  • Do not use large amounts of celery seed.
  • Women who are pregnant or nursing should not take celery seed.
  • If you are taking celery seed for its diuretic properties, be aware that excessive use may deplete potassium levels.

Disclaimer: Many people report feeling improvement in their condition and/or general well-being taking dietary, vitamin, mineral, and/or herbal supplements. The Editorial Board of SpineUniverse.com, however, cannot endorse such products since most lack peer-reviewed scientific validation of their claims. In most cases an appropriate diet and a "multiple vitamin" will provide the necessary dietary supplements for most individuals. Prior to taking additional dietary, vitamin, mineral, and/or herbal supplements it is recommended that patients consult with their personal physician to discuss their specific supplement requirements.

Updated on: 01/22/19
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George D. Picetti, III, MD
In reviewing the above supplements several observations were noted. First of all there are no scientific papers that review the efficacy of these supplements in refereed journals. Therefore we are not able to comment on how effective they are on a scientific level. These supplements are not held to the same standards as other medications, and thus the dose and concentration may differ among different brands or companies. Although many people claim to have good results from taking these and other supplements, it is always best to discuss this with your doctor before taking these supplements. If you are taking any supplement and are scheduled for surgery, it is imperative that you tell your surgeon and anesthesiologist. Some of these supplements can cause significant changes in your body’s chemical functions, such as slowing blood clot formation, which can be a serious problem during surgery.
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