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Choosing a Doctor Who Treats Neck and Back Pain

Information about many types of doctors and practitioners, including an overview of their education and training.

Signs It’s Time to Find a New Spine Specialist

It’s important to recognize when your relationship with your spine specialist isn’t serving your best interests.

Does My Spine Doctor Suffer Burnout?

Physician burnout is found among spine specialists and linked to reduced quality of patient care and safety.

Physiatrists Help Patients Manage Neck and Back Pain

The goal is to alleviate the patient’s pain without any invasive procedures, to help the patient achieve functional restoration as opposed to just masking the pain by prescribing medication.

Boutique Spine Care for Patients with Back Problems

Here, Dr. Richard Guyer, a spine surgeon talks about his boutique spine practice.

Orthopaedists, Spine Surgeons, and Neurosurgeons

What are the differences between orthopaedic surgeons, spine surgeons, and neurosurgeons in regard to the spine and spine care? Learn more here.

Chiropractic Education and Practice

All chiropractors must have passed national and state licensing boards before establishing a private practice.

Physician Assistants and Spine Patient Care

Find out how and why Physician Assistants are integral to ensuring quality patient care.

Spine Specialist Center

The Spine Specialist Center can help you learn about different physicians and specialists who diagnose and treat neck and back pain.