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BoQing Chen MD

Doctor of Physical Medicine & Rehab


  • Center for Advanced Pain Management & Rehabilitation
    249 Bridge St
    Metuchen, New Jersey, 08840 - United States
    Phone: (732) 516-1060

About Our Practice

At our center we value our patients and optimal clinical outcome is our focus. Our center offers a non-operative comprehensive care for spine, orthopedic sports and neurological related disorders. We strive to minimize patients' pain, suffering, and maximize their function and recovery. The center employs state of the art medical technology combined with complimentary medicine to achieve our goals. Evidence based medicine is used whenever possible to guide our clinical practice. On going medical education and research through publications are vigorously maintained to keep our medical knowledge and skills up to date.

Our center's medical director, Dr. Boqing Chen, MD, Ph.D., is a spine and pain specialist. He has practiced medicine for approximately 23 years. Trained in Kessler Institute for Rehabilitation and having served as an outpatient attending physician in the University Hospital, UMDNJ, Newark, New Jersey from 1998 through 2002, he is currently subspecialty board certified in pain management, physical medicine and rehabilitation as well as electrodiagnostic medicine. Dr. Chen also holds a Ph.D. specialized in Neuroscience.

Dr. Chen is also a co-director for the pain and musculoskeletal medicine fellowship program, UMDNJ, Newark. He has written a chapter on the "Spinal Injection Procedures" in the current text book on Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation, and on worldwide circulated medicine. He has also given seminars on the interventional management of back pain in major medical centers in the USA, such as University of Michigan, Albert Einstein University and local hospitals. Dr. Chen has also been engaged in clinical research on the low back pain and neck pain treatments. He is constantly attending continued medical education meetings and since graduating from his residency training in 1998 he has accumulated over 800 CME credits.

The center offers state of the art medical technology, and treatments for various pain conditions including sciatica, pinched nerve, neuralgia, arthritis, injuries (auto, work and sports related), etc. The precision diagnostic and therapeutic injections under the on-site fluoroscopic and/or diagnostic ultrasound guidance provide a safe, accurate, and effective outcome.

The center not only focuses on prompt pain relief, but also stresses on the functional restoration through conservative treatment such as physical therapy, therapeutic massage, acupuncture and herbal medicine. Dr. Chen is leading a team of expert clinicians including physical therapists, acupuncturists and massage therapists. The combination of the strength of western and eastern medicine is what makes our center unique.

  • Doctor of Physical Medicine & Rehab
  • Board Certified
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