Primary Care / Internist in Petoskey, Michigan (MI)

Stephen P. Kolt PhD

Primary Care / Internist


  • Omni Chiropractic
    1508 US 31 N., POB 65
    Petoskey, Michigan, 49770 - United States
    Phone: 231 347-0420

About Our Practice

My name is Stephen Kolt. My degree is D.C., Doctor of Chiropractic. I am a health care professional not a medical professional, dispite the fact that this site only allowed the choices of MD,DO or PHD in their computer program. I came to this site after receiving a mailer inviting chiropractors to join. Medicine is the practice of treating disease. Chiropractic is the practice of analyzing and correcting a most basic blockage to health, vetebral subluxation. In my practice I work with patients to correct spinal subluxations, or misalignments, which are detrimental to a persons health. The vertebral subluxation complex involves misalignments that cause abnormal motion, muscle spasm, scar tissue formation, inflammation, disc degeneration, arthritis and, most importantly, nerve irritation. This nerve interference is a detriment to the health of every man, woman and child. It prevents the body from properly monitoring and coordinating appropriate responses on all levels, physical, mental and social. Chiropractic corrects this nervous interference to allow the fullest expression of human potential. The body knows how to heal itself. No one has to tell your body how to heal a cut, or a broken bone. Your body knows how to digest food and what chemicals it needs to produce to acomplish all its tasks. It has an immune system that is adaptable to fight all diseases. Given proper rest, exercise, nutrition, and a loving nurturing environment in which to develope, there is only one thing more that is required for proper health. No interference. A body free of vetebral subluxation is free to monitor and respond properly to its internal and external environment. That is why I say,

  • Primary Care / Internist
  • Board Certified
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