Physical Therapist in Woodbury, New York (NY)

Scott Belding

Physical Therapist
(BS, PT)


  • STARS Northwell
    415 Crossways Park Dr
    Woodbury, New York, 11797 - United States
    Phone: 516-838-8400
    Fax: 516-838-8410

About Our Practice

Work with therapists who have specialized training and accreditation through the McKenzie Institute USA. The leaders in mechanical spine rehabilitation and certification in the Schroth Method for treating scoliosis,and managing curve progression.

The McKenzie method is a systematic approach to examination and evaluation for patient management that applies to acute, subacute, and chronic conditions of the spine and the extremities, and it provides the foundation to direct appropriate treatment options emphasizing patient empowerment and self-treatment. Its greatest success lies in the practitioner being fully trained and committed to the integrity of the system.

The Schroth method places great emphasis on conscious correction of posture during routine daily living, not only during strenuous exercise periods. Each patient learns about his or her own body and what they must do in order to reverse and control abnormal posture so that improved posture becomes a habit.

STARS Northwell is the leading rehabilitation provider in Southeast New York and Long Island. The physical therapists for STARS Northwell in Woodbury have been treating spine patients in their specialties for up to 20 years. STARS accepts most major insurance, including Medicare.

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