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William JL. Newton DO

Physiatrist, Pain Management


  • MMC Physical Medicine and Pain Management
    1272 Garrison Drive, Suite 302
    Murfreesboro, Tennessee, 37129 - United States
    Phone: 615-867-7971
    Fax: 615-867-7974

About Our Practice

Mission Statement:
The mission of the Pain Management and Physical Medicine Department is to reduce pain and impairment in order to improve function and quality of life through the use of a multimodal and holistic approach to patient care.

To be recognized as a leader in the community and throughout Middle Tennessee in the specialties of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation and Pain Management.

Our Philosophy:
Quality of life is at the forefront of our practice philosophy. Pain is a direct cause impairment, disability and an overall reduction in function. We treat each patient as an individual with unique needs and goals. Using a holistic and multimodal approach to patient evaluation and pain management is fundamental to reducing pain and improving quality of life. We expect the patient to play an active role in his or her health care plan. In return, we will provide a supportive and caring practice that is honest and has the patient’s best interests in mind.

What is Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation?
Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R), also called Physiatry, is the branch of medicine emphasizing the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disorders – particularly related to the nerves, muscles, and bones – that may produce temporary or permanent impairment. PM&R is one of 24 medical specialties certified by the American Board of Medical Specialties. PM&R provides integrated care in the treatment of all conditions related to the brain, muscles, and bones from traumatic brain injury to lower back pain.

  • Physiatrist
  • Pain Management
  • Board Certified
Hospital Affiliations
  • MIddle Tennessee Medical Center
  • Stonecrest Medical Center
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