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Darren Rosenberg DO



  • Spaulding Framingham Outpatient Center
    570 Worcester Road
    Framingham, Massachusetts, 01702 - United States
    Phone: 508-872-2200

About Our Practice

Darren Rosenberg, DO provides treatment for a wide range of diagnoses, from sprains and fractures to stroke and spinal cord injury. Acute and subacute musculoskeletal injuries, back pain, neck pain, shoulder pain, hip pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, etc.
Spaulding Framingham offers the following outpatient rehabilitation services:
Arthritis management
Assessment and diagnostics
Industrial rehabilitation
Musculoskeletal rehabilitation (physical and occupational therapy)
Neurological rehabilitation
Osteopathic manipulative treatment (OMT)
Physical medicine and rehabilitation
Post-Polio Syndrome - IRCP
Spine care and conditioning
Sports injury and conditioning
Women's health
The International Rehabilitation Center for Polio (IRCP) at Spaulding Framingham is dedicated to treatment, research, and innovation in Post-Polio Syndrome care. We offer state of the art facilities with world class medical and rehabilitation professionals.
The IRCP staff is dedicated to providing polio survivors with skilled and compassionate care to enhance their function and improve their quality of life. To ensure an improved state of wellness, our team works with patients to:
• Educate them regarding how to prevent further disability from the initial polio and the late effects of polio
• Evaluate new weakness
• Improve functional mobility (e.g., walking, transfers, etc.)
• Reduce fatigue and pain
• Develop an appropriate exercise program
• Teach energy saving techniques
• Assess the need for work and home modifications.
The IRCP is set up to accommodate the needs of all polio survivors who are able to travel to our facility. We offer intensive appointments scheduled over several days in a row for people coming from out of town. For survivors who live locally or regionally, we encourage appointments be scheduled once a week or every other week over a period of time (depending on need).

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