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Judson J. Somerville MD

Pain Management


  • The Pain Managemennt Clinic of Laredo
    6801 McPherson, suite 334
    Laredo, Texas, 78041 - United States
    Phone: 956-717-2962

About Our Practice

We treat chronic pain as well as acute spinal pain in an aggressive but balanced fashion. We were rated by Blue Cross/ Blue Shield of Texas as the least expensive interventional pain management practice in Texas. This is good and bad as it implies we skimp on care which we absolutely do not but when one injection or for that matter a short course of medication can bridge you from incapacitating pain to a functional life why put the patient (you) through endless series of three injections so I can buy a villa in Italy. No that I don't want to be successful but have found through my philosophy of Better Longer Faster Simpler (BLFS) I have significant business by word of mouth from extremely satisfied patients. The way it should be. Face it you and I are busy people you have better things to do than spend all your life in my office and I have a huge EGO that derives great satisfaction from quickly, accurately diagnosing medical illnesses in my patients which is born out by the treatment I prescribe resulting in a BLFS result. To me if I can with the patients help achieve a 75%+ reduction in pain and or a equal improvement in their activities of daily living then the treatment is a success. This is not always possible but the treatment of pain is not simple or otherwise you would not be searching the internet to find help. Would you?

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