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About Our Practice

Dr. Fortier-Bensen practices what visionaries call Integrative Medicine or the Medicine of Tomorrow. He uses both the combination of conventional medicine and alternative medicine to do more than provide temporary relief. The basis of pain and "dis-ease" is what he helps you find. He continues to reasess the biochemistry that makes us individuals. Most pain is either the spine, or involving the nerves in the spine. Many options are available besides steroids to help treat the problems that plague us. He is a board certified anesthesiologist, and Pain Management specialist. He is also a Naturopathic physician, a clinical nutritionist who practices orthopedic medicine utilizing homeopathy, acupucture, Chinese Medicine and anti-aging medicine. He is very interested in the symmetry of the body and stress postural effects of pain. His interest has been in collagen, ligaments, and the use of nutrition to prevent the degeneration of spinal disc, joints, and muscles. Prolotherapy, radiofrequency, mesotherapy and the modulation of collagen which makes up "struts" or the supports of the spine, the skin, and the surfaces of our joints has been his particular interest. The effect of muscle dysfunction, and the long term effect of postural compensatory mechanisms are also important.

There are different types of Pain management physicians: some are simply interested in injections only, others are trying to get you to admit it is "all in your head", and finally those who use a comprehensive approach to get to the basis of your spine pain. You are the most important member of the team, a team that will relentlessly continue to try to keep you functional, and use every safe and effective methods available to help you. This team can involve Manual therapists, massage therapist, chiropracters, acupuncturists, surgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists, rehab physicians nutritionist, health coaches, and spirtual ministers. Dr. Fortier-Bensen also has spent time traveling to Europe, North America, visiting and gleaning knowledge and skills from some of the best expert in the world. He has been asked to treat Olympic and Professional Athletes. He has spent time to learn NST, Egoscue, Pilates, and other bodyworks to help with structural dysfunctions.

Dr. Fortier-Bensen treats Fibromyalgia, chronic fatigue, hormonal, and diet related issues which may affect your spine pain. Myofascial pain is also noted to low back pain, this can be from multiple causes, ande is often overlook by those who are not listening to your complaints, or not examining you completely. Does your physician do an extensive exam? Cervical and Lumbar Facet joint, Sacroiliac joint, hip joint degenerative disease and radiculopathy or pinched nerves are often from a spectrum of causes. Unless a physician listen carefully to a patient and exams well, the cause will be missed. MRI do not tell us where the pain is, you do! Disc herniation or protrusions either from degeneration or from trauma will respond to different treatments. The issue is to get to patients early, and to hopefully not ignore the signs as is often the case with family doctors who because of time constraints do not pick up on subtle findings, or even worse send the patient to an anesthsiologist without additional training in spinal diagnostic evaluation "just to get an epidural injection done." Often patients will go where their insurance pays the most, or to a physician their family practioner is socially associated with, and this is often a interest that is higher than what is best for the patient. Surgery is often needed because the subtle signs were ignored for too long, the problems with some surgeons, is when they operate and there is residual pain left, they dismiss this and offer no other options for the patient, even worse, nothing is done to see why the disc, or joint wore out so early and no further therapy is planned to prevent other disc from following and causing more problems. There are many other issues that need to be research and investigated, but the money is in the procedures, not prevention. Only the well-informed or intelligent will figure this out before it is too late. "What we have in medicine today" he notes, "Is what Einstein called perfection of techniques, but confusion of goals". "Science has not failed Medicine, Medicine has failed Science" Dr. Fortier-Bensen has two offices, one in Gulfport MS, 228 897-2337 the other in Mandeville, LA, 985 626-6174. Please bring as many records as possible to help with a treament plan. Be prepare to think "out of the box" and be willing to change some of the habits that may be the force behind the inflammation, dysymetry, and pathology which is causing you so little sleep. A votre sante'

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