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Edward Magaziner MD

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  • Center for Spine Sports Pain Management and Regeneratiive Medicine
    2186 Rt 27
    North Brunswick, New Jersey, 08902 - United States
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About Our Practice

NORTH BRUNSWICK, N.J. – The Center for Spine, Sports, Pain Management and Orthopedic Regenerative Medicine. Dr. Edward Magaziner has dedicated his career to helping people with pain, and musculoskeletal injuries. He treats people with a variety of problems including carpal tunnel syndrome, spinal pain, neck pain, lower back pain, disk hemiation and radiculopathy, headaches, joint pain, muscle pain and arthritis, myofascial pain and repetitive sprain/strain injuries. Dr. Magaziner uses the latest diagnostic testing where necessary to make a pin point diagnosis of the problem. This may include MRI or CT scans but he also performs special diagnostic procedures including: Diagnostic Nerve Blocks, Discograms, Dynamic Real-time Ultrasound and Dynamic X-ray and Fluoroscopy and Electro Diagnostic Testing such as NCV/EMG.

Dr. Magaziner is a pioneer in the field of Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine, treating injuries and using interventional pain management techniques to treat many problems with(without) surgery and without cortisone injections. He is a pioneer in the field of Regenerative Orthopedic Medicine using Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) and Stem Cell Grafts with since 2001; he has lectured extensively and has taught others about this groundbreaking technique. With these biologic therapies we use platelet rich plasma (PRP) also known as Autologous Platelet Concentrate (APC) or Autologous Bone Marrow Aspirate (ABM)(BMAC) which contain the body's growth factors, and stem cells. We then transplant these cells in a tissue matrix using ultrasound or fluoroscopic guidance to the site of tissue or cartilage injury. These cells literally go to work to force that inured site to begin the repair process. It usually it takes five to seven monthly sessions for tendon injury or arthritis pain to go away. These innovative treatments have made it possible for many people to avoid more radical surgical treatments, such as hip or knee replacements.

Along with the regenerative treatments, Dr. Magaziner is also a pain management specialist and performs many procedures including: Acupuncture, Botox Injections, Epidural Injections, Facet Injections, Mesotherpay, Radiofrequency Neurolysis, Trigger Point Injections, Therapeutic Laser, Spinal Cord Stimulation and Minimally invasive spine surgery including Endoscopic Laser-assisted Discectomy.

He treats professional athletes, musicians, dancers, golfers, weight lifters, Olympic hopefuls, college and high school athletes, weekend warriors, and the injured population from work, auto, or from just plain good living. His patient's ages range from 9 to 90.

Dr. Magaziner is Board certified in Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation with a subspecialty in Pain Medicine, as well as Board certified through the American Academy of Pain Management.( He is Board Certified in Minimally Invasive Spine Surgery thru the Royal College of Physicians and Surgeons (Remove this.) He is ( also) Board Certified in Physical Therapy and licensed in New Jersey.

Diplomat, American Board of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
Diplomat, American Academy of Pain Management
Board Certified in Pain Management
Board Certified Physical Therapist
Associate Professor New York Medical College
Clinical Professor Robert Wood Johnson Medical School in the Dept of Anesthesia Instructor in the Pain Fellowship Program and Dept of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
CEO NJ Interventional Pain Society
Past President NJ Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Society
Executive Committee Middlesex County Medical Society
Delegate New Jersey Medical Society
Delegate to New Jersey Carrier Advisory Committee for Medicare
Representative to New Jersey Cancer Society Pain Initiative Committee

  • Pain Management
  • Physiatrist
  • Board Certified
Area of Focus
  • Degenerative Spine
  • Spinal Deformity
  • Trauma
Hospital Affiliations
  • Robert Wood Johnson Hospital
  • St Peters University Hospital
  • Somerset Medical Center
University Affiliations
  • Robert Wood Johnson University
  • New York Medicial College
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