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Arturo Pamaong MD

Pain Management


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    11903 St Charles Rock Rd
    Bridgeton, Missouri, 63044 - United States
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About Our Practice

The BACK PAIN INSTITUTE was developed to help individuals with back pain regain a normal life style without surgery or the prolonged use of medication. Our overall objective is to eliminate pain, restore normal spinal function and improve muscular strength and flexibility. Furthermore, patients are educated in lifestyle changes, proper posture and body mechanics to prevent re-injury and chronic recurrence. Many people suffer from serious low back, hip and leg pain. After all standard conservative methods have failed, the patient is faced with either undergoing spinal surgery (which in most cases just doesn’t work) or learning to live with the pain with the prolonged use of medication. Effective procedures are available but because of monetary and political reasons, insurance companies, hospitals and surgeons have kept many effective non-surgical procedures for low back pain out of the mainstream of the healthcare system. The Back Pain Institute’s focus is on getting these people back to a productive and normal lifestyle. The Back Pain Institute utilizes highly effective procedures that have proven to be safe and effective time and time again. Most of our patients have been through all standard methods of treatment without success and undergo the Back Pain Institute’s procedures with a successful outcome of 70-80%. Before learning about the Back Pain Institute many have “given up” looking for something that will work. Many of our patients have had surgery that may have given them some relief for a while but the pain ultimately returns often worse than before. We restore people’s lives in the productive sense and we understand the frustrations that go along with the pain. We have heard the stories of people losing their jobs, divorces, not being able to do those things they really want to do, slowly dying and even those considering suicide. We are committed to working with you for your good health. Our doctors and staff really care. They are friendly, and take the time to sit down with you and explain things so that you understand the steps to recovery. When you choose a doctor with whom you are comfortable, you have the beginning of a great healthcare partnership.

  • Pain Management
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