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About Our Practice

Minnesota Interventional Pain Associates (MIPA), staffed by Mark Janiga, M.D., D.A.B.P.M., D.A.B.A., is dedicated to helping those suffering from pain return to a life as free from pain as much as the ever-changing, dynamic field of interventional pain management currently affords.

MIPA offers a complete range of minimally invasive diagnostic and therapeutic options. An accurate diagnosis is the foundation for successful treatment so an initial evaluation focuses on identifying the specific structures (nerves, disks, spinal joints or other structures) involved in the generation of pain. The diagnostic, or testing, process includes a detailed history and physical exam. Once the diagnosis is made, the most advanced evidence-based therapeutic pain relieving treatments are offered.

One of the more exciting interventional techniques is Prolotherapy . This methodology has been around since the 1940's but has only recently gained tremendous popularity.

Dr. Janiga is an expert Prolotherapist and has treated hundreds of patients who were not able to be helped by other treatment modalities. Dr. Janiga is a fellowship trained expert in anatomy and physiology which provides him the ability to more accurately diagnose and treat the specific causes of pain.

Research plainly shows that the structural source of pain is commonly undetectable with MRI, CT, EMG, or standard X-rays. Even more confusing are abnormalities routinely demonstrated by X-rays, CT scans, and MRIs are present in the majority of people who have no pain.

Patients are often told they have degenerative disc disease (arthritis) as a cause for their back or neck pain, a diagnosis strictly based on their MRI or X-rays findings. In general, this is a premature assumption which numerous studies clearly demonstrate is wrong.

Meticulous, precise, diagnostic tests, are performed under x-ray guidance to determine if these radiologic (XRAY, MRI, CT) abnormalities, like discs bulges, herniations, or protrusions, are the structural cause for a patient’s pain.

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