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Paul W. Wu MD

Pain Management, Physiatrist


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About Our Practice

At Holy Cross Pain and Spine Clinic, we aim not just to relief your pain, but also to restore your daily function. Too often, simple tasks such as preparing meals for the love one or just taking a walk are being ignored as non-essential. Heart problems are being treated. Lung issues are being addressed. Yet, patients are expected to live the pain simply because they are living. The quality of life issues often take a back seat to the success of medical treatments, documented with lab studies and radiological imaging. The biological component of a person is being treated without regards to the spiritual and emotional aspects. Such disregard of emotional and spiritual suffering from pain in today's healthcare system results in a prevalent societal expectation, as well as compliance, of "living with the pain".

Modern medicine has become deconstructive in nature over the past few decades. Body parts and organs are being treated without careful consideration of inter-relationships between anatomical systems. The complexity of human body demands a non-linear calculation when making a diagnosis. In other words, one plus one does not equal two, when comes human body. With this realization, we truly listen to patients in the description of their pain history, exploring all potential clues provided by patient with more in-depth questions, aiming to see the inter-relationship of parts to make a more effective treatment plans. Listening and thorough examinations, as it turns out, are the most powerful diagnostic tools available to a physician. Bar-none!!

In our practice, not only do we provide oral analgesia management, but minimally-invasive image-guided procedures in the diagnosis and treatment of pain and its syndromes. Our entire staff here at Interventional Spine and Pain Management work as a team to deliver exceptional, compassionate care to you and your loved ones. Our main focus is to ease your pain and help you enjoy your life again. Procedures are performed in the office fluoroscopy suite under precise image guidance to ensure accuracy and patient safety. Sedation is available as needed for comfort depending on procedural invasiveness.

Our practice is a Holy Cross Medical Group and a part of the Orthopedic Institute. We proudly abide by Holy Cross Hospital’s mission and core values.

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