Pain Management, Primary Care / Internist in Tirana

Apostol V. Vaso MD

Pain Management, Primary Care / Internist


  • Galenus Pain Clinic
    Rruga Hodo Beg 26
    Tirana, , - Albania
    Phone: 00355-4379818

About Our Practice

I have organized the firs Pain Clinic in Albania, situated in Tirana, the capital of Albania.

We are trying to give a integrated treatmet for diferent pain conditions.

There is a multidisiplinary team which include, anestesiologist, neurologist, phsycologist, social worker, physicsl therapists, radiologist amd pain nurse.

We performe under the fluoroscopy and CT-SCAN different procedures in spine, like epidural injections, neural bllocs,etc.

We give an important role the to information and the education of the pain patients and of course to the public opinion.

I can say that we use your information about the different spinal conditions translated in albanian, we have a small grup doing the promation of this conditions and the treatmet to the primary health system in Tirana.

From the october 2006 we have organized a center for the people in need and suffering, giving to them free education and strching exersise for more than 600 spine chronic patients.

In the future I can send to you by e-mail all the meterials we have.

  • Pain Management
  • Primary Care / Internist
  • Fellowship Trained
Area of Focus
  • Degenerative Spine
  • Trauma
Hospital Affiliations
  • National Trauma Center, Albania
University Affiliations
  • Tirana University
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