Orthopaedic Surgeon in New York, New York (NY)

David P. Roye Jr. MD

Orthopaedic Surgeon


  • Scoliosis Center of New York
    3959 Broadway, Room 800N
    New York, New York, 10032 - United States
    Phone: 212-305-5475

About Our Practice

The Division of Pediatric Orthopaedic Surgery at the Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian offers comprehensive care for infants, children, and adolescents with scoliosis and spinal deformities. The orthopaedic surgeons at our Center work collaboratively with pediatric specialists in our children’s hospital. Every specialty is represented from Pediatric Anesthesia and intensive care to Pediatric neurology, pulmonology and cardiology. Spinal cord monitoring at the Center is performed by the world renowned neurophysiology division at Columbia University. We perform routine monitoring of somatosensory evoked potentials and motor evoked potentials More children’s spine surgery is performed at Children’s Hospital of New York Presbyterian, Columbia University Medical Center than any other single center in New York. Surgery for infantile scoliosis, juvenile scoliosis, and adolescent idiopathic scoliosis are frequently performed. The Center is engaged in cutting edge research including investigations into the effect of chest wall deformity on pulmonary development, outcomes of various treatments for scoliosis and spine deformity and the effect of spine deformity on quality of life. The Center provides the most advanced care for children and adolescents with idiopathic scoliosis. Our bracing program is integrated into the offices with the orthotist available for immediate consultation with the physician at every visit. When surgery is indicated, it is performed using state of the art blood salvage techniques and spinal cord monitoring techniques. Innovative surgery is performed at the CHONY Scoliosis and Spine Deformity Center. Our center is performing expansion thoracoplasty in infants and children with thoracic insufficiency syndrome. These children have early onset spine and chest wall deformity that threatens lung growth. We perform thoracoscopic surgery in indicated cases thus avoiding long incisions in the chest wall. Our faculty members belong to the professional organizations and the national collaborative groups that monitor the outcomes of surgery. The physicians of the Center for Pediatric and Adolescent Scoliosis and Spine Deformity are leading the field in the application and evaluation of new techniques.

  • Orthopaedic Surgeon
  • Board Certified
  • Fellowship Trained
Area of Focus
  • Degenerative Spine
  • Spinal Deformity
  • American Academy of Orthopaedic Surgeons
  • North American Spine Society
  • Scoliosis Research Society
Hospital Affiliations
  • Morgan Stanley Children's Hospital of New York-Presbyterian
University Affiliations
  • Columbia University of New York
  • College of Physicians & Surgeons
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