Neurosurgeon, Pain Management in Pompano Beach, Florida (FL)

Dr Steven D. Gelbard MD

Neurosurgeon, Pain Management


  • Dr Steven D Gelbard, MD, PA
    150 S. Andrews Ave., #350
    Pompano Beach, Florida, 33069 - United States
    Phone: 954-545-3433

About Our Practice

Dr Steven Gelbard is a specialist in all kinds of Spinal Surgery, including Minimally Invasive Spinal Surgery, Endoscopic Discectomy, Percutaneous Discectomy, Laser Discectomy, Micro Discectomy, Spinal Fusion, Spinal Instrumentation, Anterior and Posterior Spinal Surgery, Anterior Cervical Discectomy, Cervical Laminectomy, Lumbar Laminectomy, Laser Micro Discectomy, Spinal Stenosis, treatment of Neck and Back Pain, Epidural Blocks, Pain Management, Neurosurgery, and other procedures. Dr Steven Gelbard has been in practice for over 16 years and has excellent training. Dr Steven Gelbard graduated from Tufts University School of Medicine in Boston, and did a general surgery internship at New York University. He graduated from the University of Vermont Program in Neurosurgery, and did additional training at affiliated programs of Brown University and Harvard University and other training as well. He specializes in the full realm of Spinal Surgery with expertise in Minimally Invasive and laser procedures to help people with neck and back pain. Call Dr Steven Gelbard on 954-545-3433 to set up evaluation.

  • Neurosurgeon
  • Pain Management
Area of Focus
  • Degenerative Spine
  • Spinal Deformity
  • Tumor / Infection
Hospital Affiliations
  • Jackson North Medical Center
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