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About Our Practice

My practice philosophy is tied to the primary reason I chose to become a physician. It is my desire to help patients in a comprehensive and compassionate way fully understand their spinal problem and pain source to the best of my ability. This ability is made possible by the combination of great training, 20 years of experience and the desire to serve my patients. I am dedicated to spending the necessary time with patients to fully understand the problem from the patient's perspective. I approach each patient with the attitude: "assume nothing, check everything and trust no one." This requires talking with patients until I have a complete picture of the: history, impact, the location of the pain source, all previous treatments (and results). An physical exam is next followed by review of all of the available x-rays, MRIs, CTs, ect. Then it is my responsibility to communicate comprehensively to the patient: the problem, the best treatments that are available, risks and all of the alternatives to surgery. I consider myself conservative when comes to recommending surgery. Surgery in my opinion is offered only after all non-surgical treatments have failed. If the condition involves spinal cord compression generally that is a high priority and non surgical treatments may cause unnecessary delay of treatment for the best possible outcome. After surgery I follow my patients closely and with current technology all hospitalized patients have data that I can tract frequently and remotely. My Practice is comprehensively focused on total spine care including disorders of the sacroiliac joint (SI joint). I have special interest in the SI Joint and I am blessed to have extensive experience in the care and surgery for SI Joint disease. The surgery if required is minimally invasive and most often done as an outpatient. Unfortunately, SI Joint disease is more common as the primary cause for low back pain than what was previously thought. If a patient has had a lumbar fusion there is a 40% chance that they will develop SI Joint disease over their lifetime.

Here is a summary of my training: Completed Neurosurgery Residency (6 years) at University of Mississippi Medical Center and Orthopedic Spine Fellowship (1 year) at the University of Maryland in Baltimore, MD. It is unusual today to have a spine surgeon with this dual discipline (Neurosurgery and Orthopedics) in training, this combination provides a broaden perspective on spinal disorders and the required treatment. As a neurosurgeon the training in comprehensive and complex spine surgery is throughout the entire residency; the orthopedic spine fellowship is another year of training focused exclusively on complex spinal disorders from the orthopedic perspective and methods.
I Perform a variety of procedures including minimally invasive discectomy and fusions. I Perform artificial disc replacement surgery for the lumbar and cervical spines. Practice is limited to and focused on the spine. Dr. Capel served as Clinical Professor of Neurosurgery at the University of Mississippi School of Medicine and is board certified in Neurosurgery.

Primary office is in Centennial, office in the Highlands of Downtown Denver is coming soon.

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