Neurointerventional Surgeon, Pain Management in Warren, Michigan (MI)

Martin Quiroga DO

Neurointerventional Surgeon, Pain Management


  • Michigan Advanced Pain & Spine
    27101 Schoenherr Road, Suite# 200
    Warren, Michigan, 48088 - United States
    Phone: 586-806-6466
    Fax: 586-806-6395

About Our Practice

Utilizing the latest technological advancements, with intergrated time honored successful pain relieving therapies. Our practice dedicates itself to proven evidence-based medical strategies for the purpose of alleviating the suffering endured by our patients.

One of the biggest obstacles towards achieving significant pain reduction or resolution has to do with obtaining an accurate diagnosis or diagnoses. There is no rule that states all or any one patient issues can be attributed to a single cause. Subsequently, we place great value and attention to the information obtained not only from imaging and lab tests, but also to the disappearing art of accurate history taking, and thorough physical examination.

As a patient in our practice you can rest assured that the cause or causes of your life-altering pain will be intently investigated, accurately identified, compassionately explained, and expertly treated.

Insurance Accepted
  • Medicare, Managed or Coordinate Plans, Blue Cross Blue Shield, Medicaid, and many others.
  • Neurointerventional Surgeon
  • Pain Management
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