Massage Therapist, Rolf Structural Integration in Dublin, California (CA)

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Chris Corrales

Massage Therapist, Rolf Structural Integration
(Certification for Structural Integration)


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About Our Practice

At MedicinEvolution, we believe that the spine is at the center of human experience. Each of us is unique, our bodies are unique, our spines are unique, our shape and function is unique, our pleasure and our pain is unique. It is that uniqueness that we honor most and try to understand best.

Why We Are So Effective
What the latest science and the World Health Organization (WHO) say, matters to us, and because of that we try our best to listen and implement that, we have become perhaps some of the most successful and effective back pain specialists in the San Francisco Bay Area. We use scientifically updated, non-invasive methods with life changing results.

What We Don’t Do
Our strength is that we don’t diagnose. At first we felt it was a weakness, but we’ve learned to see diagnoses as a weakness because it is one limited answer. With one answer, you better be right! If you take invasive or drastic measures based on that one assumption and you’re wrong, there can be huge ramifications. Rather than a single diagnosis we have the opportunity to ask a million questions. This is how we can get a good sense of a person’s individuality.

What We Do
We treat holistically, we find out individuality, and we work from there. The importance of understanding who the person is, is far underrated, this is where we excel. Science is clear that pain is not limited to structural issues. You can’t just “pound out” pain, you can’t do that to a child, why would pain be any different? Pain is an interpretation by the brain of what’s going on in the body, and like any interpreter history, genetics, environment, future dreams and goals, emotions, beliefs that healthcare professionals have instilled in us, fears and anxieties, cultural and personal stories, etc. are all parts of us feeling pain.

Ideally we want a shift in pain or tension in the first 15 minutes of treatment. What’s required to change the pain is to change your patterns. So when you leave the office you’ll get homework to begin the process of unraveling your thought, movement patterns, and other associations to pain.

Here’s What An Ideal (90 min) Session Looks Like
There are 3 parts to our sessions:

How Many Sessions Will I Need?
This depends mostly on your history and your present symptoms. For some a few sessions are helpful, most people go through the standard 10-sessions, for complex or severe cases 20 or more sessions are often needed.

How Can I Expect To Progress?
After pain rehabilitation through manual therapy and developing new movement patterns we want to support bringing more quality movement, higher awareness, and continued connection into your life.

Chris Corrales is a certified Massage Therapist with a specialization in Structural Integration. His office is in Dublin, CA the center of San Francisco's East Bay.

Chris' success as a practitioner started by finding the right help for his own low back problems. His life, not limited to his back, was completely transformed by Structural Integration, and he was utterly compelled me to study the work in depth. In Boulder, CO he studied with Dr. Ida Rolf's first two hand appointed instructors.

From his 22 years of practice Chris has created a robust method that incorporates his personal experience, clinical experience, and science. These three things simultaneously enable the skills of empathy, technique, and methodology needed for success . In alignment with much of science, Structural Integration has always focused on integrating the whole person, rather than chasing symptoms and pain.

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Dublin, California, 94568 - United States
Phone: 9259222246
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