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About Our Practice

De Jesus Family Chiropractic - The preferred choice in chiropractic care in the Sugarloaf, Conygnham, Drums, Hazleton, Berwick and surrounding areas.

"My focus in practice is family/wellness and sports medicine centered. I have treated patients of all ages, from professional athletes with spinal or extremity problems to patients simply needing high quality chiropractic care. I use multiple chiropractic techniques in my practice including the Sigma Ultralign Pro-adjuster Computer Adjusting Instrument, Thompson, Peirce, Cox Flexion/Distraction, Diversified, Activator, PNT, Soft Tissue Manipulation, Muscle Energy, Upper Cervical, and Advanced Functional Extremity Adjusting techniques, depending on each patients unique needs." Dr. Ungemach's extensive knowledge of these techniques allows him to treat most spinal and extremity problems in his office easily and effectively with the primary goal of reducing pain and dysfunction, while restoring strength and improving athletic performance. Dr. Ungemach's proven treatment approach and protocols also applies to those who require performance optimization from the physical stress of regular activities of daily living, from prolonged work postures which can lead to repetitive strain disorders or injuries such as what is now being called text neck, or from chronic pain from post surgical cervical spine (neck) or lumbar spine (lower back) fusion issues.

From the urgent to often complex needs of serious auto accidents, personal and athletic injuries, to patients with repetitive motion injuries and/or general muscle imbalances, Dr. Scott tries to provide his patients with the most effective solutions to reduce their pain and restore function. As a result, he often integrates services directed by other specialists in related fields. These areas include physical therapy, pain management and surgery, if needed. He creates a customized treatment plan that works best for each patients unique needs. “If I can’t help you, I will do my best to find someone who can.” Dr. Ungemach has created a trusted network of specialist that he utilizes when needed. "I take pride in the fact that I know what I can and can not treat with physical medicine, and more importantly, that I know when I need to refer out to other specialties. I believe that to arrive at the best treatment solutions for our patients, physicians must have a strong understanding of all the options available and a willingness to utilize them. Occasionally there are times when treatment by multiple health care specialists is required and a referral for co-management, or a better treatment option, is made in the best interest of my patient.” For this reason, Dr Ungemach has put together a trusted network of the best doctors in their related fields, and he knows that when he has to refer his patients out for care, they will receive the same high quality care they are accustomed to in his office.

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