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Deborah K. Davis DC



  • Oregon Chiropractic Center
    15962 Boones Ferry Rd., Suite 101
    Lake Oswego, Oregon, 97035 - United States
    Phone: 503-699-7540

About Our Practice

Dr. Deborah K. Davis is an Activator certified chiropractor and uses this technique exclusively in her practice. This technique is gentle, non-aggressive method of treatment. Using the Activator, Dr. Davis can be very specific when adjusting a spinal joint or extremity (i.e., wrist, elbow, knee, etc.). She also uses various physical therapy modalities when appropriate. Ultrasound, electrical stimulation, trigger point therapy and medical massage are examples of other physical treatments that are used.

Dr. Davis treats neuromusculoskeletal injuries due to auto accidents and work related injuries (worker's compensation). She also treats sprain or strain injuries due to trauma, over exertion or poor ergonomics.

As a chiropractic wellness practitioner, Dr. Davis includes nutrition, physical exercise and stress management as part of an entire treatment plan for her patients. Spinal adjustments are important for maintaining an open communication pathway between the nervous system and the body. Good nutrition is necessary for healthy cells throughout the body. Adequate physical exercise is necessary for a strong and flexible body. Low stress levels are necessary for optimal heart and blood pressure functions. Dr. Davis believes all of these areas must be addressed if she is to be of highest service to her patients.

  • Spine Specialist
  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • State Board of Chiropractic
  • American Chiropractic Association
University Affiliations
  • Western States Chiropractic College
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