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David L. Rozeboom, BA, CC DC



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About Our Practice

Patients come first. That is the operating basis of Rozeboom Chiropractic. We see our patients on schedule. Hours are 9 till 6:30 on Mon. Wed and Fri. Whether you work early or late, there is a time you can get in. Since 1973, I have studied and applied the work of Dr. M. B. DeJarnette. Dr. DeJarnette spent his life in researching and teaching a scientifically proven method of chiropractic. He wrote about 140 books on his findings. By diligent study and application I have developed skill, knowledge and judgment in helping the body be healthy. Eliminating the pain is the first thing for most patients. And that can be done, usually within the first three visits. Wellness care is our long term goal. Wellness care has attracted a lot of attention recently. The focus of health care must shift from stopping the disease to preventing disease and restoring diseased bodies without drugs or surgery. In wellness care, we find there are three causes of disease. First, there is trauma. Trauma can be a single incident or it can be small repetitive incidents. Either way, trauma can cause damage not only to the bones and muscles but hidden nerve damage. Hidden nerve damage can exist for many years, silently destroying the health of the body, sometimes without pain or noticeable symptoms. Dr. DeJarnette's discoveries allow me to to get to the root of the situation and correct the hidden nerve damage. Second there is stress. We all have stress. But when it continues too long it will weaken the stress glands of the body, the adrenal glands. The adrenal--added to the kidney (renal)--glands are a major actor in balancing the hormones of the body. They are on the front line in defending the body against invaders, such as viruses, bacteria, molds and allergies. They control our energy and sleeping. If weak, the adrenals can be restored by correcting any hidden nerve damage, restoring the blood supply to the adrenals and supplying the proper supplements. Third, there are toxic chemicals. It is estimated there are as many as 80,000 toxic chemicals we could be exposed to through our food, water and air. Normally, these chemicals are filtered out and eliminated by the liver. The liver has a vast reserve capacity but even that can be depleted. When it is, the body covers the toxins in fat to hide them. This fat barrier protects the rest of the body but results in weight gain which puts a load on the heart, lungs, circulation and other functions of the body. The solution is to remove the hidden nerve damage to the liver, restore the blood flow, and clean up the liver and rejuvenate it with the proper supplements. The toxic chemicals covered by fat can be removed with the proper supplements. Once they are gone, the body no longer needs the fat. So it gets rid of it, permanently. With these three approaches, correcting the hidden nerve damage, reversing the effects of stress and removing the toxic chemicals I have been able to get results in cases no one else has helped. On every visit, I do everything possible to bring the patient to the point that they never have to come back in. Generally, that cannot be accomplished in one visit. But with that goal, the maximum benefit is obtained in the smallest number of visits. As a patient of Rozeboom Chiropractic, you can be sure you are receiving what you need to be healthy when you need it.

  • Spine Specialist
  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • State Board of Chiropractic
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