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About Our Practice

We specialize in not only pain relief but also wellness care. There are times when pain relief for back pain, sciatica or neuralgia requires the rehabilitation of the intervertebral disc. We are privileged to have a DRX9000 in our office. It has been proven to have one of the highest success rates for relief of spinal disc related conditions.

If you do not require the assistance of the DRX9000 there are other treatment options that can help with spinal related symptoms such as: headaches, neck pain, shoulder arm or hand pain, carpal tunnel syndrome, upper back pain, thoracic outlet syndrome, lower back or leg pain, fibromyalgia, dizziness, etc.

Your health is based on four principles and everything we do in our office is based on these principles.

1. Your body is a self healing organism. It is designed to heal itself. For example your liver is new every month, all of the cells die and are replaced every 24 days. Your stomach lining is new every 5 days, your taste buds are replaced every 11 days, etc. Why is this important? It emphasizes that your body is in a constant state of change and repair. In order to do this it follows a very exact program.

2. Your nervous system is the thing that runs this program. As long as your nervous system is able to communicate effectively with every cell of your body, you should have the very best of health that you have every had in your life. This is normal.

3. If something interferes with the function of the nervous system and it is not able to do this, your body will not be able to do what it is programmed and designed to do and it will do its own thing.

4. My job as a chiropractor is to locate the interference between the nervous system and your body and restore law and order and let the body heal itself.

Call my office and set an appointment. I can help you and I will make room for you.
Dr. Kevin Hancock

  • Spine Specialist
  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • State Board of Chiropractic
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