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About Our Practice

Having been in business for over 10-years, Advanced Physical Medicine not only treats herniated disc/back pain and whiplash/neck pain, but also knee, ankle and hip pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, frozen shoulders, planter fascitis, shin splints, headaches/migraines, impingement syndrome, sciatica, trigger points, arthritis, as well as, sports, work and motor vehicle injuries. Treatments are done by our professional staff covering a multi-facet rehabilitation approach which includes: Physical Therapy, FCE (functional capacity evaluation), Massage Therapy, Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine, Chiropractic Care, Colonics, Ultra Sound, Cold Laser, and Cupping/Detox .

An important point in separating Advanced Physical Medicine from many other practices is that we understand the significance in using a multi-disciplinary approach for the best results in caring for our patients. That is why Advanced Physical Medicine offers a full-range of medical professionals to restore you to better health. It is our goal to impact patient education, awareness and understanding of how various therapies in alternative medicine can serve both as a primary or complimentary treatment for a variety of conditions.

Advanced Physical Medicine brings to you the world’s most advanced and evolutionary non-surgical spinal traction decompression therapy, Antalgic-Trak (FDA approved). The only one in Illinois, our Antalgic-Trak is the only instrument that combines range-of-motion with traction decompression to produce a synergistic effect more powerful than any therapy alone. Antalgic-Trak treats Pinched Nerves, Disc Herniation/Bulge, Vertebral Compression Syndromes, Compression Sport Injuries, Flexion-Extension Injuries, Restricted Spinal Range-Of-Motion, Whiplash and Osteoarthritis.
The Antalgic-Trak is by far the most advanced state-of-the-art spinal decompression system that has ever been created. It's miles ahead of anything else out there. Antalgic-Trak is a piece of equipment like no other, making all other decompression therapies obsolete.

Acupuncture has been known to be effective in various disorders, such as:
facical rejuvenation, depression, anxiety, headache, migraine, low back pain, sciatica, arthritis, fibromyalgia, hypertension, high cholesterol, menstrual irregularity, PMS, endometriosis, infertility, menopausal syndrome, tennis elbow, frozen shoulder, TMJ, carpal tunnel syndrome, allergies and much more.

Cupping, a form of Chinese Acupuncture, is the oldest form of alleviating muscle pain and toxins in the body. During the process of cupping, a partial vacuum is created by either heat or suction in cups placed on the skin, drawing up the underlying tissues. Several cups may be placed on a patient's body at the same time, while some treatments require movement of the cups to draw such toxins and lactic acid out of the muscle. Depending on the condition being treated, the cups will be left in place for 5 to 10 minutes.

The Chiropractic Doctors of Advanced Physical Medicine are experts at locating and analyzing improper placement of the vertebrae and correcting subluxations. This enables the body to return to its proper alignment. This is necessary to correct the “vertebral subluxation complex,” which can interfere with your body's normal functioning and long-term health. For treatments, we may manually adjust the spinal column and/or apply supports such as straps, tapes, and braces. We may also provide counsel regarding proper nutrition, exercise, stress management, and other wellness concepts

Health Plans: The doctors at Advanced Physical Medicine strive to give their patients the necessary treatment, regardless of what type of insurance coverage their patients have. That is why we accept all major insurance plans, including various HMOs (by referral), Medicare, workman’s compensation, and personal injury cases. We also offer payment plans and accept all major credit cards.

  • Spine Specialist
  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • State Board of Chiropractic
  • American Chiropractic Association
  • International Chiropractic Association
  • North American Spine Society
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