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Thomas Tumbarello DC



  • Atlanta Spinal Decompression & Integrative Health Center
    700 Sandy Plains Rd, Ste. A8
    Marietta, Georgia, 30066 - United States
    Phone: 678-355-9090

About Our Practice

Atlanta Spinal Decompression & Integrative Health Center specializes in an advanced form of non-surgical spinal decompression centered around the Extentrac M3D technology. This device offers a safe painless and time tested method that incorporates gravitational unloading with multi-positional decompression ( This technology has the highest degree of success (94%)and is FDA cleared. This maybe a preferred option or to surgical intervention, epidural injections, extensive physical or drug therapies. It also provides advantages standard decompression devices or hands on maneuvers cannot. In addition using integrative health approaches establishes a more favorable and quicker response. Alternative options and kinesiology supported with instrument and expert hands on manipulation is anextreemly effective and will help with restrictions, headaches, digestive and other health complications. Also,painless physiotherapeutics such as very high powered cold laser are of great benefit. Our pain control methods are bar none and support of the body's own endorphins with auriculotherapy will assist with drug dependance issues and general good mood restoration. Next, muscular release, cranial / energetic methods and applied clinical nutrition in an emotionally supportive environmen will go a long way in effectively reestablish a sweeter life. This is a fun place. No stuffed shirts here. My personal dedication is to delive a happy successful result with the highest quality service.

  • Spine Specialist
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