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About Our Practice

Dr. Angela King has over 14 years of experience as a chiropractic doctor. Dr. Angie takes the time to listen to her patients to help determine what treatment is best for them and their lifestyle. Our low stress family friendly office allows our patients to relax and enjoy their therapies. She makes you feel secure by taking the time to explain your condition to you in a way that is encouraging and easy to understand. She is results oriented, getting your condition fixed as quickly as is prudent in as few a number of visits as she can.

Benefits of Chiropractic Adjustments

Some of the benefits of visiting Dr. Angie King include headache relief, spinal and back pain relief, lower muscle stiffness, increase your range of motion, become more relaxed, improve joint health, improve healing, more energy, less fatigue and many other things. One of the safest ways to relieve back pain, neck pain, accident injuries and stiffness is chiropractic treatment. All natural, long lasting and real.

Nutrition Analysis

Dr. Angie King does nutrition analysis using Standard Process. She uses wholefood nutrition and dietary counseling to get your body functioning at its best. From boosting your immune system to strengthening your organs that my have been damaged from prescription drugs or poor diet, she can determine what your body needs and put you on the path to being as healthy as you can be.

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