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Joseph A. Hans DC



  • Duluth Injury & Rehab Center
    3780 Old Norcross Rd., Suite 301B
    Duluth, Georgia, 30096 - United States
    Phone: (770) 622-9355
    Fax: 770 622-9390

About Our Practice

Serving Duluth and surrounding areas for over 15 years, Duluth Injury & Rehab Center offers expert chiropractic care along with pain management and physical therapy.

Our office specializes in natural solutions for the relief of neck pain, mid/low back pain, headaches and other musculoskeletal injuries. We also work on extremities such as shoulders, elbows, wrist, knees and ankles. We provide safe, effective, natural chiropractic care centered on the individual needs of each patient. We've had tremendous results with people of all ages encompassing a wide variety of issues from professionals wanting to decrease the effects of stress, to women wanting to reduce the discomfort associated with pregnancy, to athletes wanting to increase their athletic performance.

We also treat patients who have been involved in automobile accidents and work related injuries. So, if you've been involved in an auto accident or work injury, we'll work closely with your attorney and/or insurance company in assisting with your injury claim. If you do not have an attorney we can provide one for you free of charge. Read more information on our web site under Auto Injury Center to see how we can help you if you've been in an auto accident.

Our office is committed to providing you with the best care available. We combine state of the art technology with modern chiropractic care. Our office is one of only a few offices in the area that uses MyoVision S-EMG to accurately diagnose your problem and show where potential problems may arise in the future before symptoms develop. We don't just tell you what's wrong, we show you. (See MyoVision link) for further information.

We also use Cold laser therapy which quickly relieves most types of arthritis pain and discomfort. It is also been effectively used in treating people who have joint pain, tendonitis, golfer's elbow, tennis elbow and carpal tunnel syndrome.

Our therapies consists of mechanical and intersegmental traction, electrical muscle stimulation, therapeutic ultrasound, cryotherapy, moist heat and cold laser therapy. We also incorporate therapeutic exercises in all of our treatment plans to increase strength, flexibility and range of motion to the muscles and ligaments associated with your specific injury/condition. For More information visit us online at Call us today for a Free Consultation!

Insurance Accepted
  • Aetna Cigna Blue Cross/Blue Shield United Healthcare PHCS Humana
  • Spine Specialist
  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • State Board of Chiropractic
  • American Chiropractic Association
University Affiliations
  • Life University, Marietta, GA
Languages spoken at this practice
  • Spanish
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