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  • Nicholas Sheffer, DC
    5400 NE Federal Highway, Suite 103
    Fort Lauderdale, Florida, 33308 - United States
    Phone: 561 329 6011

About Our Practice

almer Graduate with a holistic practice since 1985 and always consulting patients for nutrition deficiencies. Also, perform Manipulation Under Anesthesia or Anesthesia or MUA. Serve on the board of advisers of 2 nutrition companies. Serve on the Scientific Advisory Board of EXFUZE with LT, Lawrence Taylor, Seth Joiner, Eric Dickerson, Keith Byers, Nat Moore, Bill Parcel..ALL HALL OF FAMERS IN THE NFL. Fred Funk PGA Golf Pro, John Fox top Bass one of the top fishermen in the world Also Paul Morris ,marketing go ru of the world and Terry Forbes. My site is and to order your free bottle of exfuze and you pay postage go to and you pay postage. Also go to My web site is chalked full of nutrition facts that will change your life.We also carry liquid vitamins, liquid nutrition or liquid supplements which contain all the essential and non essential amino acids, essential fatty acids or EFA, omega 3 fish oils and trace minerals. I concentrate on the following areas: neck and back problems, headaches, foot and ankle problems, carpal tunnel syndrome. Read about Fred Villari or Grand Master Fred Villari 10th Degree Black Belt and how Chiropractic changed his life and the carpel tunnel and wrist exerise dvd we produced is currently being marketed. Learn how to prevent wrist, hand and finger injury and how to increase wrist, hand and finger strength and reduce wrist, hand and finger pain. In addition Musician, Ed Rieck former Everyday Saints Band and Guitarist has been helped significantly with his wrist problems and a book is being written by Dr. Nick Sheffer and Ed Rieck for Musicians so they will not have to live with the pain and suffering for years, as Ed endured. Though nutrition not Chiropractic work with diabetes, diabetics and we have a diabetic food and a organic food company on line. In addition macula degeneration, anemic individuals and anemia, menstrual cramps, digestive disorders, fibromyalgia with a patented product, asthma, allergies, gum disease, sleeping problems, arteriole sclerosis, atherosclerosis or harding of the arteries measured with a patented machine, assist to help some individuals to stop or quit smoking with laser thorough acupressure points. We do adrenal, thyroid and saliva testing and Blood or Lab work. In addition, we have the only patented fat burning nutrition bar in the world that immediately assists you to burn fat when you exercise and reduces lactic acid build up so you become less winded. We have offices in Jupiter, West Palm Beach and Fort Lauderdale, Florida. How about the secret patented bed that makes you burn calories equivalent to jogging for 1 hour while you rest on the bed for the same amount of time.

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