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Charles R. Glenn DC



  • Chiropractic Life Center
    3471 Mariner Bvd
    Spring Hill, Florida, 34609 - United States
    Phone: 352-686-2554
    Fax: 352-686-3302

About Our Practice

Our clinic is a wellness oriented type practice that includes stress handling. We also work with all structural types of problems that include sport injuries,automobile, bike, motorcycle injury, and include passive and active therapy rehabilitation.

Our Wellness programs include, but are not limited to nutritional testing and counseling with recommendations of specific high quality vitamin/minerals from longstanding companies and sometimes from new companies whose products that test well. Our wellness programs also emphasize appropriate exercises for the condition that the patient might be challenged with and in time adjusted as the patient progressively gets better and stronger. These exercises can be done at home or worked into the patients gym program.

We encourage analysis of the body to help our patients to achieve a healthy BMI or weight to height ratio to assist in their well being and reduce pressure on their joints and discs which generally helps to reduce pain. Our programs are designed for recovering from sports injuries such as football, tennis, baseball and softball, track, golf or accidental falls, and automobile accidents which will also include passive and active therapy. 

Our first stage of  therapy is to get the patient out of pain, so they can get the recommended sleep which will aid in the healing process .

The second stage is  where the patient will get stronger, and be able do most of what they could do before the injury or calamity occurred.

Then  the third stage is  where they are strong enough to increase their endurance so that hopefully they will be as good as they were before or even better !

Insurance Accepted
  • We accept all insurance plans that accept us. Please call for more information 352-686-2554.
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  • General Chiropractic
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