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About Our Practice

Over the past twenty-four years of clinical experience, Dr. Alan Creed's ongoing quest has been to enhance his own skills and knowledge, and pass this knowledge on to others. Hundreds of doctors have visited his offices to observe, question, and learn from his versatile techniques and application. For the past three years, Dr. Creed has been presenting seminars throughout the United States. These seminars are CEU (Continuing Education Units) approved through the Texas College of Chiropractic. Several thousand doctors have attended Dr. Creed's seminars. These dedicated professionals all have one goal in mind: becoming the best at what they do by improving their knowledge, skills and demonstrated abilities.

Dr. Creed is a chiropractic physician and certified in acupuncture, as well as an adjunct professor for postgraduate studies of spinal biomechanics and neurophysiology with the Texas College Chiropractic. In 1999, Dr. Creed began presenting a seminar series throughout the United States named "Boost your Practice". The seminars are CEU approved for twelve hours. Dr. Creed has created a video and CD library with a procedure manual for adjusting techniques. The various techniques that Dr. Creed lectures on are designed specifically to rapidly improve postural realignment and body ranges of motion improvements, thus reducing neurological and functional loading that facilitate a rapid healing for acute and chronic injuries. As a chiropractic doctor, with his focus on spinal biomechanics and neurophysiology, Dr. Creed provides a unique approach to your health care whether you are a patient or a doctor performing the skills learned through his teachings. Dr. Creed has created a "Chiropractic Bridge" between the various techniques and modalities. Therefore, the issues and conditions of his patients are provided for. A unique comprehensive health experience is the outcome. With this approach, Dr. Creed and many of his students are able to choose the necessary procedural modalities to increase functional capacities and decrease pain and suffering of the patient almost immediately. By employing multiple techniques, styles and technologies, Dr. Creed addresses a wide variety of challenging and debilitating issues the patient presents with, i.e. MS, severe disc degeneration, scoliosis, pre and post back surgery. During his treatment protocol, the patient understands his/her needs and progressive benefits that their body experiences from treatment. One of the areas Dr. Creed has found to have wide-ranging effects on his patient's overall health, is his Posture Corrective Approach. This emphasis on Posture Correction improves the movement and flexibility of the neck and back and can help the function of the organ systems. Along with the refacilitation of the neurological circuit breakers, which are switches that have interrupted the neurological circuit connections due to adverse causes.

People come to Dr. Creed from all over for his effective corrective results that make such profound differences in their lives. You may want to ask yourself the following question: Do the following symptoms affect your life and the quality of your family's life?

Difficulty in performing activities,
work, or social
Poor posture
Neck Pain
Shoulder or Arm Pain
Pain between shoulders
Numbness in the arms-legs-
Curvature of the spine or
Low Back Pain
Leg Pain
Loss of energy or sleep
Digestive dysfunction
Organ dysfunction
Pain and/or discomfort due to weather changes

Dr. Alan Creed is grateful for the patients who sought him out, with their hearts and life in their hands and bestowed upon him the trust to help heal their wounds, strengthen their spirit and brighten their outlook on life. Good health is your wealth. Feel good again.

  • Spine Specialist
  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • State Board of Chiropractic
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