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  • Chiro Therapy Release
    13225 Jambore Road
    Tustin, California, 92782 - United States
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About Our Practice

Chiro Therapy Release” technique, developed by Dr. Beshqoy, is an integrated holistic comprehensive method that involves the removing of spinal fixations and scar tissue formations in the muscles and ligaments, as well as, the negative emotions that are often another contributor to the underlying cause of the problem, balancing the mind and the body. This unique method of treatment is very gentle, safe, and effective with great results. The human body absorbs tremendous amounts of negative emotions which builds up and contribute to many illnesses both physical and mental. Following a thorough consultation/ evaluation , the patient receives a custom tailored treatment plan which includes extensive hands on technique, as well as, necessary physiotherapy modalities needed. In addition, acupressure and meridian treatment is part of the holistic techniques used by Dr.Beshqoy. Our office also provides spinal decompression, electric muscle stimulation, ultrasound therapy, hydroculator heat therapy, and others that are effective adjunct therapies to the hands on technique. Dr.Beshqoy helped many patients become pain free and achievde great results including: auto related accident injuries, work injuries, slip and fall injuries, back pain, disc herniations, sciatica, persistent headaches, arm/shoulder pain, neck pain, carpel tunnel syndrome, stress/anxiety, and much more!

  • Spine Specialist
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