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Richard W. Doble DC



  • Doble Chiropractic & Upper Cervical Care
    285 Neva St
    Sebastopol, California, 95472 - United States
    Phone: 707-823-9355

About Our Practice

Doble Upper Cervical Chiropractic specializes in the correction of the atlas or first vertebra using the Palmer Upper Cervical Method. This method was developed by Dr. B.J. Palmer (developer of chiropractic) who discovered that only the upper cervical or Atlas vertebra could misalign and interfere with the nervous system function called a subluxation. He also discovered in his multimillion dollar research clinic that manipulation did not in most cases correct the atlas misalignment. We use instrumentation that can detect when the nervous system interference is present and when a correction is needed. Upper cervical x-ray views are required to tell us the position of the atlas vertebra and how to correct it. A toggle recoil correction is a specific force applied to the atlas that arouses the body's innate intelligence or inborn healing powers to make the correction and heal the body. There is no twisting, cracking or manipulation used in this procedure, just a light force applied in an exact manner. After the correction is made instrumentation is used again to measure if the flow of life force has been restored throughout the nervous system. Dr. Doble has 5 years of training beyond his doctor of chiropractic degree and has 17 years of experience.

  • Spine Specialist
  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • State Board of Chiropractic
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