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Kevin G. Parker DC



  • Kevin G. Parker,D.C.
    14150 Culver Dr. Suite 103
    Irvine, California, 92604 - United States
    Phone: 949.857.1888

About Our Practice

Dr. Parker is a 2nd generation chiropractor in practice in Irvine, California. Graduated from the Los Angeles
College of Chiropractic in 1989, Dr. Parker has practiced in Irvine for 17 years. He shares the bottom floor of the Irvine
Family Health Center with four medical doctors and three chiropractors, with a policy of open communication,
consultation and referrals between the two disciplines.

Dr. Parker's patients include people of all ages and activity levels, from the very sedentary to competetive athletes. His
emphasis is on educating the patient about health and how to take care of themselves. He works with athletes of all levels,
teaching them about maintaining health and helping give them the competetive edge.

His office offers gentle manipulation, flexion distraction, DRX 9000 Disc Decompression, physiotherapy, therapeutic massage, high power class IV laser. He also incorporates nutritional counseling for those who are interested.

Dr. Parker has been involved in fitness for the last 20 years and swam competitively through junior high and high school.
He became interested in fitness in particular, during chiropractic college when he was severely injured when
struck by an automobile while changing a flat tire. He suffered multiple jaw and facial fractures and spinal injuries. He educated himself about sports nutrition and fitness to aid in his recovery, and he now uses this
knowledge to help his patients recover from injuries and attain higher levels of health.

  • Spine Specialist
  • National Board of Chiropractic Examiners
  • State Board of Chiropractic
  • American Chiropractic Association
University Affiliations
  • Southern California University of Health Sciences
  • Association: Spine Research Institute of San Diego
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